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Healing Your Core Issues A-Z Link Directory

A 5 Specific Tasks to Help You OvercomeAbandonment Issues About Personal Values and Core Beliefs Addressing Grief and Loss in Addiction Counseling Core Issues of Adult Children of Alcoholics Seven Core Issues in Adoption Chart of … Continue reading

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Emotional Healing

“In the adult there lurks a child–an eternal child, something that is always becoming, is never completed, and that calls for increasing care, attention, and education. This is the part … Continue reading

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Should You Be in Therapy?

From Tom Rusk Answer frequently, once in a while, or never to the following: 1. You have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? 2. You want to sleep … Continue reading

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About Stress

Some and even great stress can be beneficial. The added energy from stress helps us to more and better solutions for our lives. The High Energy Life Plan is aimed … Continue reading

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To Build Your Confidence, Try Some of These Techniques

Every week choose a different area of your life to take a new risk in. Changing areas each week helps to insure that we aren’t overprotecting one area or the … Continue reading

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Why You Should Know Your Personality Labels

The field of therapy is the study of personality. To understand you or others better, invaluable tools to use are personality tests. The more we know of the labels for … Continue reading

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Create a Weekly Action Plan

Develop a weekly action for dealing with the reality of stress. Have a Sunday night review to plan for the following week. You may use a notebook or a dry … Continue reading

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