About Stress

Some and even great stress can be beneficial. The added energy from stress helps us to more and better solutions for our lives. The High Energy Life Plan is aimed toward finding the repetitive non-productive stress that robs you of energy.

Since stress has been found to contribute to most of human illnesses, our program encompasses mental, physical, emotional, behavioral, social and spiritual reduction techniques.

To begin, list all the areas of your life that you feel are draining you of your energy. By working on one area at a time, you can begin to add positive tactics to dealing with your stress.

Your mind, body and emotions either work together to help you experience your life more fully or are each using energy in avoiding behaviors. The way to control your life is to control your thoughts and your words. So many of the techniques you will learn from the High Energy Life Plan will introduce you to ways to stop over-reacting or avoiding behaviors.

When we were children, we often had to learn self-defeating or self-limiting behavior often times to appease our authority figures. Many parents confuse discipline with punishment. To avoid punishment, we often learn ways of avoidance or delay that rob us of our true being.

We tell our bodies how healthy we want to be by the choices we make in using our energy. The High Energy Life Plan’s goal is for you to learn how to tell your body that you want to be completely healthy. By learning how to reframe your thoughts in order to choose positive thoughts, you are telling your emotions that you want to be healthy.

By learning convenient and easy ways to exercise, you are telling your body that you want to be healthy. By learning how to incorporate meditation, relaxation, visualization, and other coping techniques, we tell our minds and our soul that we want to completely healthy.

Part of a healthy outlook for our life here is to learn to blend all aspects of living together. Most people believe that his/her life is out of balance because of time constraints. Everyone has the same amount of time. So the trick to living a balanced life is to redo what we do with our time.

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